Vitamin D3 Anti Aging Supplement? 2020 Research Explored

Vitamin D3 Anti Aging Supplement? 2020 Research Explored

Vitamin D3 looks to be the next promising supplement in the anti aging world. But is this just another miracle molecule that will ultimately let us down? This video explores the latest Vitamin D3 anti aging research.

Research papers linked in the video:

Vitamin D3 used to only be thought of regarding calcium levels and ensuring that your bones are strong.
Why then are leading researchers such as Dr David Sinclair and Dr Rhonda Patrick taking Vitamin D3?
However more and more research is coming out that Vitamin D3 plays an important part in many other bodily functions.

There’s evidence Vitamin D3 can:
– boost your immune system
– increase exercise performance
– and crucially, lengthen your telomeres

That last point about telomeres is vital when we discuss Vitamin D3 and anti aging.
One of the leading theories in the anti aging world is the telomeres, which are the protective caps at the ends of your chromosomes, become shorter and shorter as we age.
The telomeres become so short that eventually they break completely.

That’s where Vitamin D3 can step in.
Multiple studies have shown that Vitamin D3 has a positive effect on the length of our telomeres.
In short, we may be able to lengthen our telomeres by making sure our Vitamin D3 levels are perfect.
It may even lengthen the telomeres in the cells of newborn babies if the mother’s Vitamin D levels are optimal

The trouble is, there’s a massive chance of overdosing with Vitamin D3, and it has to be done in a safe and controlled manner.
This video explores how to take Vitamin D3 safely if you choose to take it.

As a side note, here’s all the supplements I currently take:
1 gram in the morning with yogurt.

30 grams of broccoli sprouts in the morning at home.
20-30mg of glucoraphanin & myrosinase supplement on holidays

1 gram at night only on rest days
Prescription medication

When I reach 30 years old, I plan to also use these:
1 gram in the morning



p.s. I’m not affiliated with any brands 🙂

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