The Best Anti Aging Skin Care For Woman Over 40

The Best Anti Aging Skin Care For Woman Over 40

What should you look for in skin care for woman? What’s the most effective? What’s the safest? These are things that you need to know, before you buy anything.

For Your Health

The skin’s health is dependent on adequate nutrition and fluid intake. As time goes by, skin care for woman and man, becomes more difficult, because it is harder for the outermost layers to get the nourishment and fluids that they need.

With the right creams, you can apply the necessary nourishment and moisture directly. But, if you choose the wrong ones, you’ll clog the pores. Toxins will begin to build up. Your face will start to look duller and eventually, you’ll start to see sagging and fine lines.

It is important to avoid products that contain petrolatum, mineral oil and paraffin. Have you ever noticed that when you use chap-stick on chapped lips, they start to heal? But, if you use it regularly, they start to feel dry all of the time. So, you reapply it time and time again, thinking that it will eventually have that healing effect.

The truth is this. It won’t. Chap-stick is primarily paraffin wax, a mineral oil derivative. It’s the best example that I know of to explain to people that mineral oil derivatives strip the natural oils that are present in our lips and skin. Thus, they are counter productive and should not be included in skin care for woman or man.

To Improve Your Appearance

The safest and most effective solutions are those that are naturally occurring. Mineral oils are byproducts of the system that converts crude oil to gasoline. They are prone to contamination with cancer-causing chemicals. But, those are not the only carcinogens commonly found in skincare products.

Many of the sun screen compounds that you are currently relying on to help prevent skin cancer have now been shown to penetrate the skin, increase free radical activity and damage DNA, thereby increasing the likelihood that cancer cells will begin to grow in previously healthy cells.

Parabens, the most commonly used preservatives today, also penetrate the skin’s layers and have been found in tumors. Other artificial preservatives are just as dangerous. I would suggest that you avoid artificial preservatives, if you want to protect and improve your appearance.

Antioxidants are some of the most important nutrients when it comes to [ Care For Woman and caring for the body’s long-term health. Antioxidants inhibit free radical activity and repair the damage done by them. If you’re over 30, you need to supplement the antioxidant content of your skin, in order to protect and improve your appearance.

Natural vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 and enzymes found in honey, avocado oil, grape seed oil and other natural substances can be used to supplement the antioxidants in your skin’s cells. But, there is an enzymatic-antioxidant that has only recently become available in skin care for woman or man. I would suggest that you learn more about it and try to find products that contain it.