In this video you’ll discover the nootropic benefits of Saffron. Including why we use Saffron as a nootropic, recommended dosage, side effects and clinical research.

Saffron is the dried stigma of the Crocus sativus plant native to the Middle East. And is the world’s most expensive culinary spice largely due to the way it must be grown and harvested (by hand).

As a nootropic, Saffron has been used for thousands of years as an anxiolytic, sedative, and antidepressant.

Today, Saffron is used to help manage appetite, for energy and stamina, anxiety, and is a very effective antidepressant.

Saffron extracts (crocin & safranal) inhibit the uptake of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain which helps improve mood.

Saffron inhibits the deposit of amyloid-β which is associated with the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Saffron also inhibits the breakdown of acetylcholine (acetylcholinesterase) just like the current medication (donepezil) approved to treat Alzheimer’s.

Crocin and safranal which are unique carotenoids in Saffron make it a potent antioxidant. Scavenging free radicals which reduces inflammation, preventing apoptosis, and protecting brain cells and mitochondria.

Recent studies show Saffron as effective as some popular prescription antidepressants. And can even help alleviate the s*xual dysfunction caused by these drugs.

Recommended Saffron dosage is 25 – 30 mg twice per day.

This indepth Saffron review covers:

00:22 Saffron as a nootropic
02:12 How does Saffron work in the brain?
05:27 Saffron benefits
07:35 How does Saffron feel?
08:30 Saffron clinical studies
09:44 Saffron recommended dosage
10:22 Saffron side effects
11:11 Types of Saffron to buy

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