Reversing dermal fillers

Reversing dermal fillers

Dr. Gavin Chan discusses the reversibility of dermal fillers and how and why it is done.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can be reversed with hyaluronidase, an enzyme that catalyses its breakdown.

The reasons for reversing dermal fillers range from incorrect placement to emergency situations to restore blood flow when dermal fillers block arteries.

Why do people want to have their cosmetic fillers reversed?

Reason 1 for getting cosmetic filler reversed: Incorrectly placed filler

If dermal filler has been incorrectly placed, it can be corrected.

Reason 2 for getting cosmetic filler reversed: Too much filler

Having too much dermal filler treatment can lead to a result that looks unnatural and ‘not like you’. We can help you correct this.

Reason 3 for getting cosmetic filler reversed: Asymmetrical filler

If cosmetic filler has been placed asymmetrically in your face, it can be reversed. You don’t need to put up with asymmetrical filler.

Reason 4 for getting cosmetic filler reversed: Lumps

Lumps and bumps after having cosmetic filler can occur. If these do not go away after a few weeks, we can help you correct them.

Reason 5 for getting cosmetic filler reversed: Tyndall’s effect

Cosmetic filler is a clear gel so when light reflects through the skin it will appear to be a blue colour. The Tyndall effect is a light to dark blue discoloration that appears mainly around the eye area if the fillers are injected too superficially into the skin.

Reason 6 for getting cosmetic filler reversed: Infected filler or granuloma

For patients with this issue, it is important that they are on a course of antibiotics prior to dissolving the filler. If the filler is dissolved while it’s infected, the infection will spread as the hyaluronidase breaks it down.

Reason 7 for getting cosmetic filler reversed: Emergency arterial occlusion

While this is very rare it can happen when the filler is injected too close to an artery. An experienced and highly trained Cosmetic Doctor and Cosmetic Nurse will notice this because when an artery has been occluded or partially occluded the skin will become blanched, white or mottled indicating a lack of blood supply

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