Resveratrol Human Studies & Clinical Trials 2020

Resveratrol Human Studies & Clinical Trials 2020

Resveratrol human studies have a big problem that we need to talk about. Resveratrol is a supplement in the anti aging world make famous by researchers such as Dr David Sinclair, and this video explores the latest human research.

Here are the links to the research papers referenced in the video:

Resveratrol is a very important molecule in the anti aging world.
Researchers such as Dr David Sinclair found that resveratrol can activate a group of proteins called Sirtuins.
Sirtuins are epic molecules.
They can reverse DNA damage, lengthen your telomeres, and reduce your overall levels of inflammation. Epic right?

Resveratrol in the lab and mice studies can activate sirtuins, and slow down the aging process.
But what about in humans?
What do human clinical trials show?

In the past 5 years there’s been a lot of human trials looking at resveratrol, and in this video we focus on whether resveratrol can actually activate sirtuins.

The trouble is, there’s a big problem with some of these trials.
This video explains the latest human trials and research on resveratrol, and I tell you if I am taking resveratrol and at what dosage

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