Natural Looking Makeup Routine For Mature Women | Carol Tuttle

Natural Looking Makeup Routine For Mature Women | Carol Tuttle

Do you want a basic makeup routine that can help bring out your best self?
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From your brows to your lip color, makeup, if overdone or incorrectly applied based on your energy type, can age you. If you are unsure of your energy type, you can start by finding it out here with my free quiz

Contouring, concealer, primer, and all the other beauty products on the shelves of beauty stores can be overwhelming and cause you to stress just by looking at them, but I’m here to help! Let me show you my natural and easy step-by-step morning makeup routine.

In this video, I’ll demonstrate how different energy types require different methods of application, types of products, and more. For example, some energy types require a foundation to be applied in a circular motion, while others require a pressing application. Every detail matters because I want your makeup to help show off the beautiful woman that you are, not be a distraction overpowering your best features.

See the fabulous woman, not the makeup!

Makeup is meant bring out what makes you unique and fabulous without looking overly made up which starts with identifying your energy type . Then check out Carol’s makeup starter kits

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