How to slow down aging! A conversation with David Sinclair PhD

How to slow down aging! A conversation with David Sinclair PhD

This was a fun one! We disagree on a few things but that’s what’s so cool about science!

Spolier alert: Ketones turn on longevity genes, as does exercise, heat/cold – Live a RADICAL life, no need for plant molecules!

Time stamps:

9:35 Start of podcast.
10:53 Does when you eat matter more than what you eat?
12:48 Time restricted feeding and longevity.
17:04 What causes us to age?
20:05 What cellular information is being lost?
26:35 What Causes DNA break?
28:47 DNA breaks as clastogenesis.
29:32 Food and DNA breaks
31:28 PARP enzymes.
34:57 NAD
40:15 NAMPT
42:35 Nicotinamide and sirtuins.
44:25 Methylation and methyl groups.
45:44 Sirtuins.
48:11 Heat/cold and sirtuins/NAMPT
52:54 What do sirtuins do with ADP ribose.
56:15 Role of active sirtuins.
58:25 Other longevity genes.
1:04:30 Importance of mitochondrial NAD levels.
1:05:50 Ketosis and NAD.
1:11:20 Resveratrol.
1:14:45 Xenohormesis and plant molecules- my view vs David’s
1:19:55 Resveratrol trials, concerns about resveratrol.
1:26:05 mTOR
1:31:37 David’s plant based diet- and why it could be better
1:38:10 Meat consumption and the environment
1:45:35 Where to find David’s stuff.
1:47:20 The most radical thing David has done recently.

David’s contact info:
Instagram: @davidsinclairphd
Twitter: @davidasinclair

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