How I make my smoothie in the morning/Food For Health #9

How I make my smoothie in the morning/Food For Health #9

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This is what I take everyday 
It’s has helped balance my PH and Alkaline in my body and take away my Hormonal acne and my chronic constipation  and my menstrual cramp no more severe cramp I have not taken any medication for the past three months for pain and no coffee because I have natural energy from this fruit and vegetables and it’s also help me lose weight and manage my weight and the list goes on and on 
 It organic it’s a whole food base. It’s plant base no GMO Dairy free And good for vegan

➢ Our Capsules

✓ Omega Blend

– Pomegranate Seed Oil Improves Skin Texture, Helps with
Collagen Production

– Raspberry Seed Oil Slows Appearance of wrinkles, Moisturises Skin
– Algal Oil

– Tomatoe Seed Oil
Regulates Heartbeat, Reduces Blood pressure, Helps Maintain Healthy Pregnancy
Used for Psoriasis, Eczema, Cellulite, Other skin problems, Prevents Flu, Infection and colds
Lowers Cholesterol, Manager Blood Sugar, Aids in Weigh loss, Boost skin, Reduce PMS Symptoms
Improves Sight, Lessens eye sores, Improves mental clarity, Lowers cholesterol, Boosts immunity, Reduces Hunger, Supports Internal Organ

➢ Omega Blend Benefits
✓ Omega 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 in one
✓ Natural Hormone Replacement
✓ Nervous System
✓ Immune System
✓ Helps Suppress Appetite
✓ Help Burn Store Body Fat
✓ Brain Function
✓ Eyesight
✓ Healthy Skin
✓ Joints
✓ Heart
✓ Liver ( Cholesterol Levels)
✓ Reduces Inflammation Related To Many Diseases ✓ Important For Pregnant Women & Nursing Mothers

➢ Our Capsules
✓ Fruit Blend – Apple Alzheimer’s Prevention, Lowers Cholesterol
Each bottle lasts 2 Months
Total 4 Months Supply
2 Bottles of Fruit
Each bottle has 120 Capsules Total 240 Capsules
– Peach
– Cranberry
– Orange
– Mango
– Acerola Cherry – Pineapple
– Prune
– Date
– Beet
– Lemon Peel
Prevents Anaemia, Helps Lose Weight Antibiotics, Digestion Of Food

Relieves Constipation, Boosts Immune System
Helps With Eye & Skin Health, Tone Up Heart Muscles
Anti-Oxidants, Vitamin C Anti-Inflammatory, Promotes Healthy Gums
High In Fiber, Helps With Bowel Movement Helps Digestion, Energy Boost, Blood Pressure Protein, Zinc, B6, Fiber, Magnesium, Potassium
5-10x more vitamin than lemon juice, Fiber, Calcium

➢ Our Capsules
✓ Vegetable Blend – Broccoli
Fight Diabetes, Help Lose Weight Antibacterial, Anti-Oxidant
Improves Skin & Hair, Good For Your Heart Increases Energy Levels, Strengthens Immune System
Enhance Body’s Immune Cells, Blood Circulation Immune Booster, Improves Liver Function
Anti-Inflammatory, Prevents Cancer
Reduce Cholesterol, Repairs Damaged Skin Cells
High In Iron, Rich In Calcium
High In Fiber, Improves Digestion
5-10x more vitamin than lemon juice, Fiber, Calcium
2 Bottles of Vegetables
– Parsley
– Tomatoes
– Carrot
– Garlic
– Beet
– Spinach
– Cabbage
– Kale
– Rice Bran
– Lemon Peel


➢ Our Capsules
✓ Berry Blend – Concord Grape
– Blueberry
– Cranberry
– Blackberry
– Black Currant – Bilberry
– Raspberry
– Pomegranate – Elderberry
– Artichoke
– Cocoa
Decrease Blood Pressure, Anti-Inflammatory
Anti-Aging, High In Anti-Oxidant Antibiotics, Improves Digestion
Anti-Oxidant, Reduces Risk Of Cancer High In Anti-Oxidant, Vitamin C
Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory
Burns Body Fat, Increases Blood Circulation
Antibacterial, Reduces Dental Plaque Improves Vision, Reduces Cholesterol
Cancer Prevention, Protection Against Heart Disease Lowers Blood Pressure, Improves Blood Flow

➢ Our Capsules
✓ Premium Blend – 30 Different Varieties of Fruit, Veg and Berries
– Naturally Boosted Energy – Stronger Immune System – Boosted Metabolism
– Healthier Skin & Nails
– Simulates Hair & Nail Growth – Lower Cholesterol
– Lower Stress Levels
– Better Rested Sleep
– Better Digestion
– Anti-Inflammatory
– Healthier Bones and Joints – Quicker Muscle Recovery – Balances Hormones

Here is our website were you can place your order and start living healthy life style

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