Do Interval Training And See What Happens To Your Body

Do Interval Training And See What Happens To Your Body

From building your stamina to keeping your heart healthy, it has a lot of health benefits. In this video, we’re talking all that AND more.

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1. Increases Speed
One of the main improvements you will notice from interval training is that you get faster. Interval training puts more strain on your body and extends its anaerobic capacity. This enables you to increase speed.

2. Improves Stamina
In the beginning of the video, we said that interval training improves stamina. Here’s how it works. During interval training, your body goes through many physiological changes. Specifically, the intense sessions with resting intervals in the middle help to increase your body’s anaerobic metabolism.

3. Good For Your Heart
While it may put a lot of strain on your body, it is also be good for your heart. Walking, running, and riding a bicycle are all cardiovascular exercises. When your body is involved in these exercises, they improve blood circulation.

4. Burns More Calories
Whenever your body goes through a round of interval training, it had to use more energy. As a result of that energy release, your body is forced to burn more calories. So if you’re worried about your calorie intake then this is the exercise for you. Even experts agree that the bursts of intensity increase the caloric expenditure.

5. Very Time Efficient
So how long does your work out session last? Different people usually have different workout patterns. Some prefer to have a short session, while others prefer going for an hour-long. It all depends on the amount of time one is willing to invest.

6. Has Anti-Aging Properties
There is an understandable amount of obsession that people have with youth. Think about it, we are stronger and more active when we are young. What if we told you that you could change that? Yes, that is possible with regular interval training.

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