Collagen Deficiency & Aging – Pharmacist Ben Fuchs – Moment of Truth

Collagen Deficiency & Aging – Pharmacist Ben Fuchs – Moment of Truth

It’s the most abundant and important protein in the body and every year millions of men and women spend billions of dollars on getting more of it. It’s called “collagen” and the plentiful protein is responsible for the strength of bones and blood vessels. It supports brain and heart health and, most famously, it keeps our skin smooth, youthful and wrinkle free.

As we get older collagen degrades, its production decreases and the end result can be CDA collagen deficiency aging, which shows up as pretty much everything we hate about father times effect on our skin, including thinning crow’s feet, turkey neck, stretch marks, loss of elasticity, poor wound healing, as well as brittle hair and fingernails.

While topical strategies can be helpful, the best way to prevent collagen deficiency aging and stimulate the production of this vital protein is to leverage nutrition in food and supplements. Eating collagen is important. It is found abundantly in various foodstuffs including bone broth, fresh fish and eggs, which contain the anti aging protein in the yolk white and membrane.

To make sure to prevent CDA you’d be wise to supplement with collagen peptides, zinc and sulfur. The mineral copper is critical for strengthening collagen and ingestion of hyaluronic acid can activate collagen production. Make sure you’re using vitamin C, which is so important that without it collagen deficiency aging is guaranteed to occur.

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