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Homemade Face Mask – Make Your Own Anti Aging Peel With Carrot Black Diamond Moisturizer by Derma Forest No doubt “Diamonds are girl’s best friend.” Its brightness, worth and style entice many women and now after analyzing its properties, diamond dust is used in cosmetic products to keep glowing and luminous skin like diamond. With increase in our age, our skin glow and brightness fades away…

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Click Here to Subscribe: Website: Get Antler Farms Organic Beet Root Here: Reduce Inflammation with 5 Foods! Natural Anti-Inflammatories- Thomas DeLauer Beets: Beets contain betanin and vulgaxanthin, two phytonutrients that reduce inflammation by inhibiting COX enzymes that are known to trigger inflammation. If you’ve ever taken aspirin, aspirin is an anti-inflammatory because it inhibits this…

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