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My Top 3 Anti-Aging Amino Acid Supplements

VivoLife for multi, omega-3, b-12 & protein (BRIAN10): Dr. Greger’s website: TIMESTAMPS: 0:30 – Anti-nutrients (lectins, oxalates, etc.) 4:32 – Is plant based protein inferior? Lacking amino acid profile? 6:30 – Omega-3 & poor ALA to DHA/EPA conversion 10:27 – Ex-Vegans and libido, erectile function and sexual improvements? 15:35 – Does veganism cause rapid aging…

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NAD+ has been researched and found to help increase the lifespan for many years. And help prevent aging diseases like heart disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, and mental disorders. NAD+ helps controls many key processes in the body, including energy metabolism, cell survival, and aging. So it is important to maintain a sufficient supply of NAD…

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Sulforaphane may just be the most powerful antioxidant that we know of, but should you take sulforaphane as a supplement or broccoli sprouts? We’ll go through all the latest 2020 research to help you boost anti aging. As promised in the video, here are all the research links: Here’s instructions on how to…

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