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Millions of people with Type 2 Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, PCOS and Fertility issues take Metformin/Glucophage and don’t know that it can cause a serious Vitamin deficiency. It’s not that Metformin is not safe, you just have to add a daily dose of this key vitamin to prevent potentially disastrous consequences. Many prescriptions medications can cause one…

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Stc 30 is the swiss product manufacture mibelle biochemistry from Switzerland ,Marketing by super life Malaysia.Plant stem cell is very unique food supplement. Live cell therapy helps to repair and regenerate human body cell, and therefore enhances immunity. Cell degeneration causes ageing in human, therefore by delivering energy from live cells to ageing cells, it…

Continue reading All What you need to know about Moringa Pure 500 mg – A complete review So What is Moringa Pure 1000 mg Food Supplement Moringa Pure 500 mg is an extremely potent anti-oxidant health supplement manufactured from the leaves of the Moringa plant. It will help to boost overall health and help fitness goals.…

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