Can ayurvedic treatments help in anti ageing? – Dr. Priya Jain

Can ayurvedic treatments help in anti ageing? – Dr. Priya Jain

Age can be of 3 types. One is the chronological, that is the numerological age, then is the psychological age where the patient feels he is ageing, and the third is the physiological age where every cells of our body is ageing day after day. So how can Ayurveda be useful in ageing? Nothing can be done about numerological age, but at the psychological age and the physiological age, Ayurveda is useful as an anti-ageing factor. How is this done? Ayurveda has 8 angas. Out of that rasayan chikitsa is used as anti-ageing. Earlier Kutti praveshik chikitsa was done where the patient used to go into a hut and do the treatment being only on satwik ahar. Now we can do Vata tapik chikitsa, that means sun and wind, that means you can get exposed to sun and wind, you can carry out all your normal activities, at the same time, you can do a complete rejuvenation of your body. So panchkarma treatments are used in anti-ageing, going through a series of treatments like vaman, samsargajan, that is after the vaman karma, you have to follow certain diet for few days, then the virechana, then following the diet, then the basthi treatment, that is after following the diet, nasyama and then raktamokshana. So after you undergo a series of Panchkarma treatments as per the design, all your 3 doshas comes to a balanced state and then your mind is able to absorb whatever is there in your surrounding. So the clarity of your mind increases. Ayurveda is the science which tells you about life and so Ayurveda can play a very important role in anti-ageing.


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