Best Sulforaphane (Glucoraphanin) Supplement Brands 2020

Best Sulforaphane (Glucoraphanin) Supplement Brands 2020

What is the best sulforaphane supplement brand in 2020? Sulforaphane is one of the few remaining antioxidants that’s got good evidence behind it. But how can you boost your sulforaphane levels best, and should you actually take a glucoraphanin supplement?

This video explores different supplement choices, including:
– Broccomax by Yarrow
– Thorne
– Prostaphane
– Avmaol
– Source Naturals

The antioxidant world has been quite the disappointment.
In a major review:

There didn’t seem to be any large benefit in taking antioxidants

So why is the scientific community still very excited about sulforaphane?
Scientists used to think that the best way to mop up oxidants in your body was to DIRECTLY neutralize them with antioxidants.
Unfortunately this hasn’t turned out to be the case.
Instead, how sulforaphane works is by activating a gene called NRF2.

NRF2 activates a lot of different cell cascades and pathways that themselves mop up oxidants.
So sulforaphane is an INDIRECT antioxidant because it doesn’t directly mop up oxidants, it activates cell pathways that do the oxidant mopping up.

Sulforaphane though has a massive drawback, it degrades really quickly.
That’s why people such as Dr Rhonda Patrick from FoundMyFitness has promoted broccoli sprouts as a way to get your sulforaphane into your body.
Broccoli sprouts have glucoraphanin and myrosinase in their cell walls, which combine to form sulforaphane.

That’s the key: you need both glucoraphanin and myrosinase to form sulforaphane.
So if you don’t want to grow your own broccoli sprouts, you can take a supplement that combines glucoraphanin and myrosinase.

This video explores the theory behind sulforaphane supplements, and I reveal how I boost my sulforaphane levels.

Here’s all the supplements I current take (I am not affiliated with any of these brands):
1 gram in the morning with yogurt
Brand: MegaResveratrol

30 grams of broccoli sprouts in the morning at home
20-30mg of glucoraphanin & myrosinase supplement on holidays
Brand: Jarrow

When I reach 30 years old, I plan to start using these (again, not affiliated):
1 gram in the morning
Brand: ProHealth

Brand: ProHealth

Brand: ProHealth

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