Best Moisurizers for Dry Skin in the Winter

Best Moisurizers for Dry Skin in the Winter

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Anti Aging Ingredients you should NEVER mix:

Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin in the Winter – Do you find yourself slathering on lotions and heavy creams and STILL finding your skin being dry, especially in the winter? You may being using a moisturizer that is concentrated with the ingredients that may NOT be working for your skin.
There are three basic categories of moisturizers in lotions and creams:
1. Humectants- these types of ingredients actually bring moisture to the skin and can increase hydration levels in the skin.
Suggested products VERY HIGH in Humectants that DON’T cause break outs:
Yu-be Advanced Hydration Cream-NO PARABENS, Fragrance FREE, Chamomile for anti inflammation –
2. Emollients-This simply gives the skin a soft, smooth texture but does not add any moisture to the skin. These can be better than silicones and healthier for the skin.
3. Occlusives-These ingredients help retain moisture in the skin.
If you are using a moisturizer that is high in occlusives and emollients but NOT in humectants, then your skin will always feel dry and you will feel like your skin is always needing moisture.
This may not be the best moisturizer for dry skin in the winter.

If you have chronically dry, cracked skin, a good hand and body lotion that has a good balance of ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol is Cerave:

Please note that depending on the formulation, some of Cerave products contain parabens and petroleum.
Part of the problem may be that you are treating your skin skin as if it is dry but it is really dehydrated. Find out how to to know what to use: How to get rid of Dry vs Dehydrated skin:

Home remedies for Dry Skin:

How to Hydrate your skin Playlist:

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