AURIC | Ayurvedic Anti Ageing Beverage For Body, Mind & Skin

AURIC | Ayurvedic Anti Ageing Beverage For Body, Mind & Skin

Auri Skin Radiance Juice For Glowing Skin ( Pack of 12, Each 250ML)

About The Brand

Auric is Anti Ageing Ayurvedic beverage to detox, restore and vitalise your Mind, Body and Skin. Fresh Ayurvedic Herbs are brewed to make a concoction which Is then added to Water, Coconut Water and Fruit Juice to make a 100% natural, low calorie and refreshing beverage We believe it is the right lifestyle choice – when daily we suffer an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants. The imbalance can be due to pollution, stress, junk food or even lack of exercise. We don’t believe there is any perfect time for consuming the beverage, but whenever you are in the mood for gym or self-grooming at salon or relaxation in the spa; our beverages can cater to those moods. Since it doesn’t cost you anything, you can also use it to meet your daily water intake or replace green tea during the hot summer.

About The Product

We do so much for our Skin. Cosmetics & Skin Care in general only nourish the outermost layer of the Skin, while the natural glow comes from within.

Those visits to the Salon, drinking bitter juices, face masks, creams and serums – it is for the enhancing the Skin, our largest organ.

Time for Radiating Skin

Auric Skin Radiance is a Ready-to-Drink beverage packed with the goodness of Ayurvedic Superherbs. It brings a Natural Glow, while making the Skin soft and Supple. Skin shows the health of the Body and Mind, thus needs to be worked upon from Inside – not cosmetically, but biologically.

Expiry(Shelf Life) – 4 months From The Date Of Manufacturing
Once Opened – 2 to 3 days
Allergy Warning(If Any) – None
Benefits – Aloe Vera Provides Soft And Supple Skin; Gotu Kola Is Anti Aging; Turmeric Is Natural Sunscreen; Amla Is Anti Oxidant Boost.
Suitable For(Age Group) – All age group
Package content Unit- 250 ml each Bottle (250 gm)
MRP – 75/- per bottle
Origin – Haryana
Medical Condition -None

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