5 Shocking Truths About Collagen

5 Shocking Truths About Collagen

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5 Shocking Truths About Collagen.

Collagen has become a prominent and ubiquitous term in the world of beauty.
We’ve seen it mentioned in magazine stories by top beauty editors, on the labels of anti-aging face creams and as an essential ingredient in health drinks.

But what is it, exactly, and how important is it?

Your body has so many cells, parts, and systems. And many of them are held together with collagen.
The most abundant protein in your body is all about connection and strength.
That’s because collagen’s adhesive qualities are only matched by its ability to provide structure and strength.

Here are five truths about collagen and how it keeps the skin healthy and beautiful.

Truth #5. Collagen is a natural and abundant protein in the body.
It’s presence in all body organs and tissues help sustain the integrity, elasticity and firmness of their structures.

Truth #4. Collagen Helps Retain Muscle Mass.
Research has shown collagen protein supplementation can be effective in helping aging individuals
maintain lean body mass and preserve nitrogen balance.
Higher muscle mass helps with weight loss because the body burns calories faster.

Truth #3. Collagen Provides Fullness Unlike Other Proteins.
Research has shown collagen protein peptides are even more satiating than other protein types.
One clinical trial found collagen to be 40% more filling than the same quantity of whey, casein, or soy, and individuals consumed 20% less at their next meal after collagen consumption than individuals who consumed other types of proteins.

Truth #2. Collagen Suppresses Appetite.
Collagen weight loss benefit is that it can help suppress appetite.
Another study among obese and diabetic patients found intake of hydrolyzed collagen stimulated the release of satiating hormones into the blood.
After consumption of collagen, patients had a reduced appetite, resulting in a decreased overall food intake.

Truth #1. Collagen Helps In Smoothing Cellulite Appearance.
By strengthening the dermis layer of our skin, collagen also plays an important role in hiding cellulite.
Cellulite becomes more visible as our skin stretches, thins, and sags.
Collagen supplementation has been clinically proven to increase skin-collagen expression
and improve elasticity and thickness, which is important for hiding fat cells that lie underneath the skin.

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