3 Amazing Anti Aging Benefits Of Green Tea | How To Slow Aging | Anti Aging Juice – Remedies One

3 Amazing Anti Aging Benefits Of Green Tea | How To Slow Aging | Anti Aging Juice – Remedies One

3 Amazing Anti Aging Benefits Of Green Tea | How To Slow Aging | Anti Aging Juice – Remedies One

Ever wondered if there is some magic ingredient in nature that can actually reverse your aging process? Do the signs of aging trouble and worry you?

Today’s video will discuss 3 Amazing Anti-Aging Benefits Of Green Tea.

In an attempt to get back to the 20s sculpted look, you check out everything on the shelf to hide those fine lines and wrinkles. But you never quite realize that you’re just bombarding more of chemicals in the garb of wearing a mask.

So, what can be done? Can’t we ever fight aging and retain that youthful look? Isn’t there any cure for this? Well, there is one. And it is the all powerful green tea.

Want to know more about aging and how you can slow it down using green tea? Here is all you need to know about green tea and anti aging.

The Japanese are comparatively known to have the longest life spans in the world, having the largest percentage of octogenarians with many of them hitting the century. Having said that, it happens to be more than just a coincidence, to know that Japan also stands first in the highest consumption of green tea.

Benefits Of Green Tea For Anti-Aging:

1. Cellular Aging:

A Chinese study showed that men, who consumed green tea, had their cells aging at a much slower rate than the men who didn’t. Researchers think that the antioxidants in green tea are the reason behind this phenomenon.

2. Protect Your Knees:

Green tea consists of powerful flavonoids that contribute to healthy and youthful knees. They also help reduce cartilage and collagen destruction in arthritic joints. This helps prevent both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

3. Your Skin:

Green tea, being an excellent antioxidant moisturizer, can cleanse your skin and make it radiant. Just dab a cotton ball into the remaining green tea in your cup and apply it on your skin.

Have you ever used green tea for anti aging? Let me know in our comment section below.





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