🌲 White Willow Bark✨Aloe 🌞 Summer Toner 🦄 Smooth skin

🌲 White Willow Bark✨Aloe 🌞 Summer Toner 🦄 Smooth skin

Please watch: “🌿Non toxic polish remover That actually works! 💅🏾Cancer and pregnancy safe”
White Willow bark is pretty dope internally (as your natural whole foods aspirin)💥 BUT its awesome for your skin as the mother of Salicylic acid, making it DOPE for acne skin but also Anti Aging and smoothing increasing cell turn over.💥 Its packed with anti inflammation properties SO its great for a toner base!! Adding ALOE to the mix ( which is the MOST inexpensive at Bulk Supplements) and you have a fabulous SUMMER TONER 🌞
I used 1/4 teaspoon white willow bark powder (but you could use less or more) making a tea with about 4 oz of hot water, let it cool then add 1/4-1/2 teaspoon aloe vera powder ( you can play with this amount too) then added 3ml (2-4 % of your formula) of leuicidal complete (which is a combo of coconut ferment and root radish ferment). To top off bottle I added Rose water (but you can add witch hazel or a hydrosol of your choice! you can even add essential oils if you want)


🌞LEUCIDAL SF COMPLETE (broad spectrum ferment preservative)

👄Cali Girl (poppy lips) from my fav Etsy makeup AddictiveCosmetics

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